Aircraft Composite Technologies, Inc. (ACT) was founded in October 2002 and is a certified 145 FAA Repair Station (ICNR513X) & EASA (145.5511) with a Limited Airframe, Limited Power Plant & Limited Specialized Service Rating. ACT is also certified for Military Aircrafts under Cage Code (3CX49) and is ISO9001:2008/9110B certified.

ACT features a full range of capabilities for the Repair & Overhaul of all of Sheet Metal and Bonded Components (including Honeycomb, Fiberglass, Carbon Graphite, Kevlar, and hybrids of these materials) for all Flight Control Surfaces, Nacelle & Fan/Thrust Reversers for all Commercial & Military Aircrafts.

ACT has available various components (Inlet Cowls, Fan Cowls, Side Cowls, Fan/Thrust Reversers) in stock or can acquire to support your fleet with different customized programs (such as Advance Exchange, Flat Rate Exchange & Loan Programs).

ACT is conveniently located on a 35,000 sq. ft. a facility at a short distance from Miami Int’l Airport, which allows us to provide efficient in-house and on-field A.O.G. service. Our operation centers around a computer controlled 20’ x 30’ “Autoclave”, 20’ x 20’ “Heat Oven” & environmentally controlled “Clean Room” for factory equivalent composite repairs. Our Autoclave is capable of pressures up to 250 PSI and temperatures of up to 650 degrees.

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